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Music Selection - Custom Composition - Scoring - Sound Design

Arty Masters provides end to end audio services for your project.


Services we provide include custom composition, music selection and clearance services, and royalty free music and sound curation.


We can work within any budget and make a custom music package to fit exactly what your project needs.

Below are just a few examples of music we've composed or selected for our clients:

Dave Marx - Stone Cold - [Music Video]
Dave Marx

Dave Marx - Stone Cold - [Music Video]

Stone Cold Music Video from Dave Marx 2020 Album Nostalgic Summer Learn more about Dave Marx and the album at Listen to Dave Marx's last album on all streaming platforms Follow Dave Marx on IG and all platforms @davemarxmusic Shot by Myrna Perez - Lyrics: Make smooth movies And I’m kinda moody (yeah) They say my flow is whack And loops are kinda fruity (yeah) But I’ma hold you close to me You’re right where you’re supposed to be Cute booty Matcha tea and smoothies (yeah) You work out hard But never harder than you do me (yeah) And I never get mad at you Even when you got that attitude Smart and sassy Old school kinda classic classy I take the trash out And she never even has to ask me Her heart is so bubbly My eyes are kinda glassy Ima make her ring finger Stone cold and mad flashy {Chorus} All my life I’ve been waiting for (waiting for, waiting for) You (you) x2 Additional Information and Appendix: Dave Marx is a Los Angeles based artist and producer. With influences ranging from Jack Johnson and John Mayer to Kanye West and Chance the Rapper, his unique, genre surfing style has attracted a quickly growing fan base. Beats like Surfaces or Lido, Ty Dolla $ign style melodies, and a flow that’s a unique mixture of Hobo Johnson, KYLE, and Wiz the MC. #NewMusic #IndependentMusician #IndependentProducer #RisingArtists #LosAngelesArtists #BedroomPop #IndieArtists #DaveMarx #ArtyMasters #MusicfromQuarantine #JackJohnson #JohnMayer #Surfaces #SuperDuperKyle #HoboJohnson #Top100IndieArtists #Songwriter #Beats #BeatMaker
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