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Dave Headshot.jpg

Dave Marx

Co-Founder, Audio Lead

Dave Marx is a music producer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles. He specializes in composition, songwriting, vocal recording, mixing and mastering music. His past clients range from Atlantic Records and Universal Music group to independent underground artists. Along with producing and engineering records, Dave creates original compositions for TV/Film and Videogames. When you work with Arty Masters Dave will be the one who personally helps you achieve your sonic vision.

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Michael Sciortino

Co-Founder, Animation Lead

Michael Sciortino is a 2D animator and video editor based in NYC. He specializes in character development, storytelling, and conveying emotion through simple animation. Influenced by early internet flash animation and what you'd find on Adult Swim way too late at night, his work will take you back to the good ol' days. Michael uses creative design, humor, and subtle easter eggs to build an entire world around your project even if it’s just a byte sized story.

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